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Chilly winter for century home in Bowmanville, Ontario

A warm home is something everyone wants. It seems like such a simple thing, but when it comes down to it, many factors go into what keeps your home feeling toasty. As the colder temperatures creep in, you should feel confident knowing your HVAC system can keep you comfortable. But what do you do when it doesn’t?

Attic during insulation removal

An older couple in Bowmanville, Ontario, was dealing with a chilly situation in their century home. They had been living in the house since the 1970s, but they grew tired of wasting money on heating bills without being able to keep a steady temperature. The home had a large attic, similar to something you’d see in a movie, but this space was lacking the correct amount of high-quality insulation. Heat was escaping all winter long, so they reached out to Brooklin Insulation.

Company Owner Ryan Hanlon met with the husband and together they walked through the home. Ryan listened to what was going on, and as they made their way to the attic Ryan knew exactly what was needed to solve the customer’s problem. The homeowner was very proud of his house and maintaining it, but he knew this problem was something he needed expert help with.

Removal Hose

After setting up an installation date, Ryan and his team, Foreman Andrew and Installer Josh, used a long removal hose to suction the old insulation out of the attic. Once the space was empty, the entire was area was filled in with new Fibre Glass Blowing Wool. This state-of-the-art insulation is the best choice for attics, both for keeping heat in and stabilizing temperatures in the summer. The team installed 18” of insulation, giving the space an R-value of 50.

The couple is already noticing a significant change in temperature in their home. For the first time in years, they feel comfortable during the winter, and have peace of mind knowing that they’re not wasting money on their bill each month.

Fibre Glass Blowing Wool Insulation

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