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Air conditioning savings thanks to insulation in Whitby, Ontario

When you think of insulating an attic, you probably only think about a cold space in the winter and helping to keep that space warm. While all of this is correct, there’s a lot more benefit to an insulated attic than just winter heat.

Packaged insulation in our trailer

A customer in Whitby, Ontario, was noticing how much his home temperature was fluctuating in the summer. He couldn’t quite put his finger on what the issue was, but he knew he struggled with heating in the winter as well. He decided to reach out to Brooklin Insulation and met with Owner Ryan Hanlon.

Ryan explained how attic insulation isn’t just for keeping heat in during the winter, but that it also stabilizes summer temperatures, saving money on expensive air conditioning bills. The homeowner was happy to hear of the solution and booked a date for the team to remove his old insulation and replace it with high-quality Fibre Glass Blowing Wool.

We used our non-invasive hose to remove the old insulation while keeping the house clean. The old insulation is removed by our team with no headache to the customer, and the new insulation can be installed the same day. The customer opted to go with a 22” layer, giving the space an insulation value of R60.

R60 insulation in the customer's attic

The homeowner is happy knowing he’s saving money on his AC bill. He’s looking forward to feeling how warm his home will be in the winter as well.

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